Are you in Johannesburg, and need state-of-the-art RAID, Server and data recovery services?

Data Recovery Johannesburg specialises in data recovery and RAID data recovery. As well as, server data recovery, forensic inspection and data destruction. We also do data recovery on all types of servers. And, NAS and RAID volumes. In fact, we assist with personal computers and laptop hard disk drives. As well as, external hard drives, solid-state drives, and other personal devices. Including: cellphones, tablets, flash sticks, CDs and DVDs, SD cards and many more!

We do data recovery and forensic inspection even in the most difficult situations. In the same way, we help with dropped, fire or water damage, and power-surge damaged devices. As well as, corrupted or formatted data. We also mange to assist with hacked devices and viruses.
We aim to offer you the best possible chance of recovering your data. Even in the most difficult situations.

Utilise our branch in Johannesburg for all your data recovery needs. Because all we need is your device and for you to fill in a book-in form.

Data Recovery Johannesburg Address

Johannesburg, South Africa

Get a Data Recovery Quotation today with three payment options to suite your needs! Contact our friendly help desk for immediate support!

Why the Johannesburg drop-site?

Data Recovery Johannesburg branch is in place to ensure that our customers have a safe and easy way to book their devices in. As a result, our lab and our clients’ information are kept safe and secure.

We understand the value of your data and the impact of its loss. Therefore, we bring our services right to your doorstep!
We can recover your valuable data. Furthermore, we specialise in data recovery, disk recovery, and raid data recovery. As well as, server recovery, hard drive data recovery, and solid state drive recovery. We also do file recovery.