Forensic Data Recovery and Digital Forensics

Forensic data recovery and digital forensics of top quality. Therefore, we provide expert computer forensics services to attorneys. As well as, businesses and individuals worldwide. In fact, we deliver the evidence back to you in a way that is forensically sound. Specifically in criminal and civil cases. And we provide our clients with inhibitory forensics. As well as, education on the legal and technical issues. Specifically those regarding electronically stored data. Digital Forensics requires removing electronic information. So that it can be visible to a normal user. As well as, be hidden in the protected areas of a device. Today, digital devices are critical aspects of our environment. Therefore, it is predictable that almost all of the evidence is stored. And it can be found. Evidence namely: E-mail, metadata, browsing history, application logs and documents. Because, these are important in proving wrongdoing in criminal and civil disputes.

Trusted with Evidence Recovery

Forensic data recovery is the removal of data from damaged evidence sources. And in a way that is forensically sound. Therefore, any evidence evolving from it can later be depended on in a court of law.
So when your hi-tech crime unit analyses an exhibit, we can deliver the evidence to you. And we provide forensic data recovery in Pretoria. As well as, Centurion, Midrand, and Johannesburg.
Also, we operate out of secure lab in Pretoria. And our data recovery specialists can recover data from all formats. As well as, all types of computers, hard-disk storage and other systems. Also, we recover evidence in a number of difficult criminal investigations. And it usually leads to successful prosecutions. In the same way, we are trusted to draw out, secure and present data. And this within the most delicate cases.

Digital Forensics

Digital Forensics

Computers have invaded every part of our lives. As they become even more extensive in recognising information. Specifically data that is relevant to an investigation. As well as, legal action across all the possible devices. And successfully decoding it before the data is replaced. Therefore, it becomes more and more important.
It is scarce that a private, civil, or criminal investigation does not target computers or mobile devices. Especially for evidence examination. Because these examinations require devotion to inflexible rules. As for any other type of evidence. As well as, exceptional technical skill and technology. And investigative tenacity.
Sherlock Data Recovery Services’ digital forensics specialists make certain that all relevant evidence is identified. As well as, gathered, analysed and reported. And this according to the highest professional standards.

Forensic Data Recovery

Digital Forensics Features

A+ Digital Forensic Service

We have an A+ business rating certification for our forensic data recovery services. So don’t trust unproven businesses with your data.

SSL Encrypted Data

All your information is encrypted. Therefore, ensuring compliance with the highest levels of forensic data security in the industry.

Complaint Forensics

We make use of compliant processes for all of our clients. Therefore, we guarantee that your forensic data remains safe. As well as, secure and free from prying eyes.

24/7 Service

Cyber-attacks can be unexpected. Therefore, you can expect us to be there whenever a disaster strikes. And our experts stand by 24/7. So that they can answer your questions and open a case!

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Why you might need forensic services?

Data Theft or Exfiltration

Data theft and exfiltration withdraw data from your systems. As well as, out of your business. As resentful employees who exit with your data. Therefore, employees, contractors, and third-party vendors can turn into Insider Threats. As they can impair authorized access or alter, steal, or destroy your data. And Insider Threats utilise stolen property. Because they compete with you. Also, they sell it to your competitors. Businesses engage Forensics data recovery for incident response. As to investigate these incidents. As well as, to analyse data and produce sentencing evidence against criminals.

Digital Investigations and Crime

Businesses fall victim to computer crimes. For instance, bank and credit card fraud. As well as, extortion and forgery. And violation of classified data. Therefore, Forensic data recovery firms have the tools. As well as, the training and experience to interpret forensic evidence. Also to follow the digital fingerprints that the attacker leave behind. Therefore, Digital Forensics is very important to investigating crimes. Especially those that have digital elements. For instance, the criminal’s computer or smartphone.

Organisational Conformity

Conformity in healthcare, finance, and other industries require businesses to retain important data. Therefore, forensic data recovery at employee exit, reinforce these confinement policies. And Digital Forensics investigates previous employees’ devices. Also, it uncovers data destruction or exfiltration. As well as, illegal acts. And it ensures secure data cataloguing.

Human Resources

Allegations and proof of employee wrongdoing are very different things. But, how can your business successfully investigate? Especially when the wrongdoing involves the internet, or other electronic communications, forensic data recovery is possible. Because it can track and compile the evidence. And tie misconduct to the guilty person. Because when annoyed employees destroy data or vandalize systems or hardware, Digital Forensics reconstructs the data. And collects the clues that ties the person to the crime.