Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery focuses on the IT systems supporting critical business functions and involves a set of policies, tools and procedures to enable the recovery or continuation of vital technology infrastructure and systems following a disaster.
Sherlock Data Recovery Services, has disaster recovery solutions designed to backup critical data and restore your technology infrastructure after disaster, both natural and human-induced, strikes. We understand that losing valuable data necessary to perform your job and to keep your business up and running, can be stressful. Therefore we help you take the necessary precautions to help avoid a disaster from striking. Our approach is to prevent problems before they happen.

Disaster Recovery
Disaster Recovery

Objectives of Disaster Recovery

The main objectives of a Disaster Recovery Plan include:

   Minimizing downtime of business activities

   Ensuring quick restoration of operations

   Ensuring high security

   Minimizing chance of delays

   Ensuring dependable backup systems

Disaster Recovery Plan Importance

A company’s IT networks are exposed to a wide range of hazards every day. From natural to human-induced disasters, there are a variety of different ways that important information can be lost, but with the right Disaster Recovery Plan in place, you can bring safety, security and insurance to your business.

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