Forensic Data Recovery

Forensic Data Recovery, also known as Evidence Recovery, is the art and science of recovering important information from a device for the purpose of answering questions for a legal system or in the legal realm. Once you lose important information such as evidence it is crucial that you involve a data recovery specialist to help retrieve your files as soon as possible, as no data is the equivalent of no case.
Our engineers understand the importance of your files and will do whatever it takes to recover it as quickly as possible. They are trained and equipped to recover data even in the most difficult cases. With us you are guaranteed a fighting chance of getting back your data.

Forensic Data Recovery
Evidence Data Recovery

Results You Can Count On

Our mission is to provide our forensic clients with the following results, which may be required in a court of law:

   Revealing evidence that specifies the facts to support a judgment.

   A report stating how the testing was carried out.

   A report stating how the media was treated.

   A report log providing a detailed over view of the media.

   A standardized process which allows for the duplication of findings should it be found necessary to dispute the results.

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