Raid Data Recovery

Sherlock Data Recovery Services, provides exceptional Data Recovery Services and digital forensic services for all Raid Data Recovery Devices. Critical data is usually stored on Raid systems to protect your data. However, even this setup is not faultless as the Raid system is defenseless against multiple drive failures, that frequently occur. Once your Raid system shows signs of failure, you will need qualified Raid Data Recovery Specialists to help recovery your lost data. No matter the size or number of the array of drives in your Raid system, you can trust the specialists at Sherlock Data Recovery Services to recover your data.

Raid Data Recovery
raid failure

In Case of Raid Failure

The following is extremely important:

   Don't Do It Yourself

   Don't Run Repair Utilities

   Don't Remove the Drives

   Don't Format the Drives

   Don't Rebuild the Raid

   Don't Restore From Unconfirmed Backups

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Raid Data Recovery Services

If you have a Raid configuration we charge that price per drive in the Raid array. It is based on the number of drives and the size due to the fact rebuilding Raid is so much more difficult and requires much larger quantities of space and time to perform the recovery. In most cases, all drives, including the good ones, have to be imaged, the bad drive rebuilt, the array reassembled in software, then extracted as a final image, after which the data is extracted. Other items need to be reviewed during evaluation to know what the type of damage is and what the cost will be. You will be contacted after the evaluation and details will be discussed.

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